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An education is one of the greatest investments you can make in your child's life, career and future!

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Home Schooling

  • Tutoring increases knowledge and intelligence, by creating a greater capacity for learning, reasoning and understanding!

Web Cam Tutoring

Student's learn to read using books and websites that are interesting to them, they stay focused and enjoy learning!

Many students in elementary school, middle school secondary school, special education or home school may sometimes require some extra help understanding math, spelling, language arts, comprehension, history or other academic subjects or life skills. I think many parents will remember requiring help even when they went to school. 

An understanding educational coach is waiting to be of help and service to you and your family.

    I offer the following subjects:
  • MATH  Kindergarten through Basic Algebra 1
  • SPELLING  Kindergarten through Adult
  • READING   Including Comprehension Skills and Study Skills
  • HISTORY  Kindergarten through Collegiate
  • HANDWRITING  Including Great Cursive Writing, Block Letter Formation     
  • LEARNING DISABILITIES  Special Needs Students, ADD, Auditory, Dyslexic
  • PHYSICALLY  CHALLENGED STUDENTS  Home bound, Hospitalized, Etc.    
  • GIFTED STUDENTS  Who may have problems with particular subjects. 

Study Skills

Learning Algebra

Study Hints

                This weeks special:  Dry Erase Board Gift with first hour of tutoring!